Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is not a new concept, it’s been around since the beginning of time. It basically means showing your prospect the benefits of a product, service or business opportunity, long before you try to sell.

It’s used every day by the small business owner to get more customers, the sales agent to attract new clients, and by those who are successful in recruiting people as business partners.

If someone first believes that your product, service or business opportunity can solve their problem, fulfill their need, or satisfy a specific want, they will ultimately be interested in what you have to offer.

But, how do you get them to that point? A more direct question may be, in today’s fast paced digital world, how can you keep their attention long enough to even get them to that point?

Here’s the key…

It’s evident that more than ever before, it’s not only what you are promoting that the prospect must develop a genuine interest in. They must also like and trust you, personally. Meaning, you have to build a relationship with your prospective customer, client, or business partner first.

The best way to build a relationship is to show a genuine interest in them. One way you could accomplish that is by educating them on whatever it is you are marketing.

If it’s a product you are selling, explain the various brands or models. Give them information that will help them make an informed buying decision. And tell them that’s what you are doing.

If you are in the service industry offer free tips on things like preventive maintenance or small do it yourself things they could save money doing for themselves.

For the person that is looking to attract business partners, offer your prospects free training on the industry you are part of. Maybe an ebook, 30 days of training lessons, or give them free tools to build the business such as their own free website. You could also set up their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for them.

Anything you can do to help someone will be viewed as an outreach on your part, and in the prospects eyes, you will not be someone trying to take their money, you will be someone who is genuinely interested in them.

Follow this advice and you will become a master at Attraction Marketing, and, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to market yourself, as well as your product, service, or business opportunity.

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