Email Marketing Is Dead – Introducing It’s Replacement

Email Marketing is dead! If you operate a work from home business and have been using email marketing to contact customers, clients or prospective partners, you can stop now!

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Just think…No more paying for an autoresponder, worrying about spamming people or wondering if anyone is even reading your emails!

There’s a new and better way to build a list of prospects, and keep in contact with them! It’s free, and easy to manage!

Introducing the email marketing replacement…

It’s called “List Group Marketing” and it works like this…

When you receive a new contact, instead of adding them to an email list in an Autoresponder, you direct them to a private Facebook Group, which you already have set up to house your list.

Within the group is where you gain the likeability and trust factor that is necessary to take them from prospect to customer, client or business partner.

I have created a system which includes a detailed process that covers everything from, the proper way for setting up your group, to how to attract prospects to the group.

Whether your offer is to buy your product, use your service or join your business opportunity, makes no difference. The List Group Marketing method works for all.

Ready to cancel your email mess? Go here to get started with List Group Marketing!

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