How Real Mashed Potatoes Taught Me A Marketing Secret

Are people waiting in line to do business with you? Why not?

You are about to learn how my love for “Real Mashed Potatoes” helped me discover a business marketing strategy that will have people standing in line, waiting to do business with you. It’s to the point, no fluff (pardon the pun).

mashed-potatoesAs I was growing up I could pretty much predict what mom had on the dinner table, long before I even sat down to eat. You see, we were a “Meat and Potatoes” family. Yes, nearly every dinner included potatoes!

So early on, I developed a love for “Real Mashed Potatoes.” No instant spuds, that would be a crime.

Every so often we would venture out to a restaurant with Grandma and guess what I would order? You got it, meat and potatoes, mashed potatoes to be exact!

When deciding which restaurant we would visit, it usually came down to only a few choices. The reason was, because I wouldn’t settle for just any run of the mill restaurant, they had to offer real mashed potatoes.

We would actually drive about 20 miles, and pass a dozen other restaurants, to get to the one with real mashed potatoes. Then we would stand in line for an hour to wait for a seat (My father hated standing in line, he says he did that enough when he was in the military).

Why was there constantly a line of people waiting to eat at this particular restaurant?

I never did a scientific poll, but even if real mashed potatoes wasn’t their primary reason, it played a big part. You see, it was the real mashed potatoes that lead people to believe that all of their other dishes were also of the same quality, and they were!

This strategy works in any type of business, it doesn’t have to be a physical brick and mortar business. No matter what type of business you are in, you need to discover that “one thing” that makes your business, product, or service, stand out over your competition.

Or, what sets “YOU” apart from the rest of the people who are in your type of business?

Once you discover that “one thing”, your “Real Mashed Potatoes”, you can be assured you will attract more associates, customers and clients, because this will lead them to believe everything about you and your business is of the same quality.

Do you want customers waiting in line to do business with you? If so, what’s your “Real Mashed Potatoes?”

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