Online Advertising VS Offline Advertising

Online advertising vs Offline advertising is something that today’s small business owner has to balance in order to make the most of their adverting dollars. In fact, in this new digital economy, with more options than ever to choose from, it’s more of a juggling act than a cut and dry decision.

When analyzing the options there are several important points to consider.

Factual statistics don’t lie, and the fact is that over 90% of today’s consumers are going to the Internet to look for the product or service they are in the market for. And it’s not just contained to the online buyer, it includes the customer that is searching for a local purchase as well.

Another great point is that online advertising can be much more efficient than offline advertising. The reason is that when you promote your product or service, and business online, the consumer who finds it is a highly targeted one.

Here’s what I mean by highly targeted…

If you place an ad in the Yellow Pages of your local phone directory you are paying for that ad to go to every consumer in your area. Many of them may never be in the market to buy what you are offering.The same goes for all the other offline advertising mediums such as radio, TV, and the newspaper.

Online advertising, on the other hand, offers the ability to put your message out there, but only pay when a consumer is looking for your product or service, and actually clicks on your specific ad.

Besides the fact that that person is targeted toward what you are marketing, they are also much farther along in the buying process. They are closer to actually making a purchase.

So, what do you do if you own a local small business and your advertising dollars are limited? Where can you plunk down your hard earned money to ensure the best return?

It’s simple…

If 90% of consumers are searching the web for local businesses who offer what they are looking to purchase, and they are far more likely to make that purchase sooner than later, Online advertising should be a no-brainer.

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