Sales – The Highest Paid Profession in the World

It’s a fact that sales is the highest paid profession in the world. Roughly 80% of those who earn over $250,000 per year are in sales.

It only stands to reason that the sales department of any company would be the highest paid. They are the only department that drives revenue and organic growth. Every other department is an expense for a company.

sales peopleAnd let’s face it, nothing happens until something is sold. Without sales, none of the other departments would have to produce anything. They would not even be needed!

So, if you are looking for a financially rewarding career, start a sales career.

Of course, the first question a person asks themselves is “could I sell?”

In many instances they’ve heard the ole cliche, “You have to be born a salesperson to be good at selling.” That my friends is a myth!

You DO NOT have to be ‘born a salesperson’ to be a top earner in sales. In fact, to be a top earner in the sales field, you NEVER have to become a “salesperson.”

All you have to do is offer value, be friendly, and learn how to build relationships. Because after you build a relationship, the person will like and trust you. Two big factors!

Then, just like any good friend, they will BUY from you, without you having to SELL.

Think about it, if you tell a good friend about a great deal on a new ipad you just purchased, they would want one themselves, right? They would be asking, “How can I get one?”

It’s that simple! Offer value, be friendly, and build relationships.

If you can do that, then YOU can be successful in highest paid profession in the world.


Are you looking to Start a Financially Rewarding Career in Sales?


When you begin a sales career with Local Business Spotlight, we will train you in every aspect of having a financially rewarding sales career, without having to have been “born a salesperson.”  Because we don’t SELL!


Yes, that’s right, we don’t sell…we simply offer valve, develop friendships, and build relationships.


Then, our new friends BUY!


We have a method of offering exceptional value that attracts customers to our offer, and it works like magic. In fact, when they hear about it, they can’t wait to talk to us!


The bottom line is, if you are friendly, and are willing to work hard at building relationships with business owners in your local area, then you can be successful in the highest paid profession in the world.


Yes, YOU can be part of the 80% of those who earn over $250,000 per year are in sales.


You can learn more about applying for a rewarding sales career with Local Business Spotlight by visiting our careers page.

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