Social Marketing – One Virus You WANT To Catch

Social marketing is the 21st century method of connecting consumers with local small businesses. It’s basically using the internet, more specifically social media, as a means of creating a viral marketing campaign that will explode the growth of your business.

Here is a short example of how the power of the internet, social media and viral marketing has created an overnight success story…

Ever hear of Rebecca Black? She published a song on YouTube and in no time had 30 million views. The amazing thing about this story is that, of those who rated her song and video, she was liked by less than 20%. That means 80% disliked her song.

You can now purchase the song on several music sites for .99 cents, and the ring-tone for $1.29. Sounds like pocket change, right? But think about this for a moment…what is the result of 20% of 30 million multiplied by .99 cents? A whole lot more than pocket change!!!

My point is, she used the power of the internet and social media as a method of promotion. Her video went viral to such a level that with only a 20% likability, she still stands to make millions! (UPDATE: As of April 12, 2011 this video now has 98 million views)

As a small business owner there is no better way to generate buzz about your business than the use of social marketing. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it is only a matter of time that talk of your business is spreading like a virus.

Social Marketing is one sure way for YOUR BUSINESS to stand out against your competition!

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