Something Has Changed in Regards to Making Money Online

In this vast space they call the Internet, something has changed in regards to making money online.

Back in August 1992 when that first website was built, and all throughout the 1990’s, the opportunity to make money online was prime. In fact, even the 2000’s were still good, not prime, but good.

But, throughout the past 5 years a shift has taken place.

one-in-a-mil-300This vast space, called the Internet, has evolved from the size of an Atmosphere, to a Galaxy, to quite possibly a Universe. Along with the growth came competition…and lots of it! Legit or not, the Internet is now flooded with opportunities to make money online.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to tap into the vast Internet, as a whole, you are destined to fail. In fact, I recently heard that only 1 in a million make a generous amount of money in this arena. Although I haven’t confirmed that statistic, it sounds pretty close.

So the question becomes, is there ANY opportunity available to generate a sizable income via the Internet? And the answer is, YES!

In order to find that opportunity, one must focus their attention to, and zoom in on, a specific area of this vast Universe. That specific area is Local.

If you’ve been paying attention to the major players on the Internet, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, you probably already know that is the direction they are going with their newest platforms. Facebook Places, Google My Business and Maps, and Twitter Small Biz are some of the new platforms that pertain to local.

The next question then becomes, How can someone other than the big three tap into this local opportunity?

Ever hear someone say, to be successful you must find a need and fill it? The worlds billionaires found a need and filled it. Getty, Rockefeller, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, Walton, and Kroc.

Right now the need that needs filled is local internet marketing. It’s not new, people been doing it for over 10 years. But today, it’s better than ever. Today the need is prime for the filling. The reason is, early on small business owners didn’t know they needed it. But, now they know. The word has spread…Word of Mouth!

Basically, any type of opportunity to help local small businesses tap into the Internet, and increase their web presence, is ripe for the taking. Their is an endless list of services you can offer them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because it hasn’t even scratched the surface as of yet.

I once heard someone say, “One man with a dream and the Internet can not only change his world, but also the world of many others.” There have been a few who have done so.

The new saying should be, “One man with a dream, and the Internet, can change the future of small business.”

You can acknowledge that something has changed in regards to making money online, or you can continue to seek that one in a million chance!

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