Viral Marketing – A Virus You WANT To Catch

Those of us who are familiar with the term “viral marketing” have long dreamed of the day we finally create a piece of work that will take social media by storm and really catch that viral impact.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, let me explain…

Going viral happens when something that is liked by a few, go and share it with others, who in turn share it with others, and so on, and so on.

It’s genuine exponential growth where two become four, then eight, then sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, you get the idea! The results of this type of growth can be astounding.

To better explain this phenomenon, I want to share an example of how “going viral” can truly create an overnight success story…

Ever hear of Rebecca Black? She uploaded a music video on YouTube back in 2008. Although she was an unknown singer prior to that, in just a few months the video had 30 million views. 30 million views in just a few months is going viral in every sense of the word!

The amazing thing about this story though, is of those who rated her video, she was liked by less than 20%. That means 80% either didn’t vote, or if they did, they disliked it.

You can now purchase the song on several music sites for .99 cents, and the ring-tone for $1.29. Sounds like pocket change, right?

But think about this for a moment…what is the result of 20% of 30 million multiplied by .99 cents? A whole lot more than pocket change!!!

My point is, she tapped into the power of social media as a method of promotion. Her video went viral to such a level that with only a 20% likability, she still stands to make millions!

Today she has many more video’s, that total hundreds of millions of views. Her channel alone has more than 600,000 subscribers.

As a marketer, there is no better way to realize the ultimate success with your offer than to have it spread rapidly throughout social media by means of viral marketing. The problem is, only one in a million ever catch the viral wave.

Unless there was a way to MAKE it go viral!

I have created a Viral Marketing System that includes a software that will do just that, make your offer go viral.

In fact, the system I have created around that software will help you build a huge list of prospects, fast. I know because it’s producing staggering results for every marketer who uses it, including myself.

You could wait for your one in a million shot of catching that viral affect, or you can use my Viral Marketing System.

Either way, good luck in your online ventures! 🙂

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