Vision is Power – What is Your Vision?

Your vision is power. It’s your dream in a visualized state in your mind. And it’s the fuel that powers you to success.

Everything starts with a dream. What is your dream? What is that one thing you desire for your life? Whatever it is you desire, fix an image in your mind of how it will be after you have accomplished it. Make that your vision.

vision of moneyHere is where the power is created because you are imaging your dream as a vision of how it will look after it has been accomplished. You are actually envisioning your success.

Out of a vision comes a mission. Your mission is your vision in writing as in your “Mission Statement.”

Once you have professed your vision in writing you are ready to take action by creating goals to accomplish your mission. Your goals are your mission in work clothes and it’s the exact steps you will follow in order to accomplish your dream.

Let’s say you have a dream to gain financial freedom through a business of your own. What will your life be like once you have accomplished that dream?

You may see yourself as being debt free, building your dream home, driving a new car, traveling, building a church, or helping the needy. Only you know what being financially free means to you. But whatever it is, image that vision in your mind and don’t let it slip away no matter what life throws at you.

Then profess your mission in writing and read it every day until it is ingrained in your subconscious mind.

At this point in your business, you may have no idea how you will accomplish your mission of financial freedom, but that’s ok, because your mind will begin to take steps to find a way to make your vision a reality. It’s amazing how this works.

Once you have your vision engrained in your mind, it’s time to create a plan of action. Your action steps will be in the form of goals, short term goals and long term goals.

You are now on your way to accomplishing your dream. But continue to hold that vision of successful attainment in your mind. Never let it go, because vision is power and it will continue to supply the fuel you need until you ultimately reach your dream.

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